Appealed by the power of emotions expressed by a look, Asaz One has quickly chosen to work on realist portrait. Handling airbrush has first permitted to obtain fine details, then he has taken it to bigger surfaces thanks to sprays. His technique and skills have been improved through several and various styles for a few years. To be close to each of his subject is essential to Asaz. Cultural sharing with local people drives his inspiration when he paints portraits all over the world. Despite his young age (25 years old), he has already had the opportunity to participate to festivals in Kosovo, Chile and in his home town, Grenoble, for the Street Art Festival.

Asaz works on the ability to differentiate pictures and words by the insertion of portraits into sayings and metaphors. The subject makes the physical experience of an optical illusion because the eye copes with the visible and the legible simultaneously. To look carefully at the painting avoids reading words ; on the other hand, reading the metaphor prevents the eye from gazing at the portrait details. Thanks to a poetic game between interlaced letters and eyes intensity, words, tools and medium of expression learned through the education, are united with natural emotions perceptible on faces. He wonders about people look influence on each individual social integration. A word fixed into space and time sets boundaries into which we can feel sensations through intense eyes. Asaz wants to bring authentic individualities to light.

2022 « Aptitude » Solo show
Villard Bonnot, FRANCE

2022 « GSAF » Collective exhibition
Grenoble, FRANCE

2019 « Rien nie personne » Solo show


2023 Peinture fraiche Festival

2023 Pompéi Street Festival

2022 Les roches en couleurs
Villefontaine FRANCE

2022 Grenoble Alpes Street Art Festival
Grenoble FRANCE

2021 Meeting of styles
Pristina KOSOVO

2021 Culturizarte
Chillan CHILE

2018 Grenoble Alpes Street Art Festival
Grenoble FRANCE


2023 OFAJ Street Art Project

2022 « Venus » Spacejunk art center
Grenoble, FRANCE

2021 « Impressions partagées » Fondation Desperados
Grenoble & Paris, FRANCE